Private aviation is designed for VIP clients. This is a unique market segment, an elite class, who are used not only to luxury and comfort, but also to quickly achieving goals, consistently successful results, and the constant search for perfection. Personal flights become a daily necessity because these travelers know that they set the rules of the game; the whole world adapts to them.

International private aviation center AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) has been working with VIP clients since 2007. We know your main principle well: one hundred percent freedom and independence. By working with us, you will not have to choose from what is offered: you wish, and we’ll make it come true.

Order an aircraft quick and easy!

Need a private flight? Order it at AVIAV TM! Report the following:

  • the route,
  • number of travelers
  • departure date and time,
  • return date and time
  • airplane model,
  • interior color,
  • level of comfort on board,
  • approximate weight and type of luggage.

You can leave a request with your wishes on the website or contact our manager. In the section “Contacts”, you can find the direct number in your country and speak with a company representative in your native language.

Jets for all occasions

We provide private jets for your purposes. At the client’s request, we arrange the interior in accordance with the flight purpose:

  • business flight,
  • staff business trip,
  • business meeting,
  • wedding celebration,
  • family trip,
  • holiday above the clouds.

Lunch or dinner from a prestigious restaurant is provided in flight. Any cuisine of the world is at your service; just choose a menu and exclusive drinks. Luxurious table setting, fresh flowers, your favorite music – you will feel comfortable and get great rest during the flight.

A magnificent limousine or a comfortable business class car will take you to the airport. Our customers choose “turnkey” support in which AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) takes care of the organization of the entire trip. You do not have to think about who will carry the bags or who will meet you at the airport of arrival. It is enough to tell when, where and with whom you need to be; we will do the rest!

Why do VIP clients choose private aviation?

  1. Private jets fly independently of regular airlines; they always go ahead.
  2. Customers do not spend time buying tickets; the rental process for all passengers takes no more than 20 minutes.
  3. Formalities at the airport are minimized: the inspection will take five minutes.
  4. For passengers, there is a separate VIP waiting room: a comfortable sofa, an elegant cup of coffee – welcome aboard!
  5. Prior to the flight, an individual car is provided.
  6. A flight attendant from Cofrance SARL will take care of the package and stowing of luggage.
  7. You can take whatever you like on board: champagne, diamonds, an air canister, a beloved poodle, an apricot tree – there are no restrictions for our customers.
  8. On board, there will be everything you want: a bedroom, a bathroom, a huge screen, a shower with Internet access, a hatch for a spacewalk… Just inform the AVIAV TM manager of anything you need for a comfortable trip.
  9. A flight may be accompanied not only by a flight attendant, but also by a nanny, a business assistant, a tutor, a doctor, a guide, a coach – we will provide the right specialists.
  10. At the client’s request, security can be provided.
  11. You will be met at the airport of arrival and instantly transferred to your hotel or place of residence.
  12. At the client’s request, Cofrance SARL helps with renting accommodation or booking a hotel room. A concierge service is provided at the place of arrival; leisure and business events are organized.

Any flight requires paperwork:

  •  visas,
  •  health insurance,
  •  passports for children,
  •  customs declarations,
  •  animal certificates,
  •  certificates of value,
  •  flight permits and
  •  much more.

AVIAV TM’s (Cofrance SARL) lawyers take care of all the difficulties; customers do not have to read papers.

Low-cost flights

Often, clients charter private jets only for flights. An aircraft is a means of transportation. AVIAV TM is able to provide budget options for private flights, including the system Empty Legs.

It is easy to eliminate unnecessary additional services, choose simple interior equipment and rest for a few hours. This option is perfect for short flights, for sending employees on business trips or for those who wish to save money. We understand customers’ needs!

Flight safety

Each passenger is primarily concerned with safety issues. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is a member of the international organization Wyvern Ltd., which, for 5 the past years, has been the world leader in flight safety. In addition, for 6 years, we have been undergoing multi-level audits at ARGUS International, which increases the trust of customers and encourages them to contact us again and again.

Avinode international charter network is another regular partner that closely monitors the legal norms of flights. Membership of the international flight associations EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) and NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) increases the company’s authority and puts it on a par with world market leaders.

Each aircraft is thoroughly tested before departure. Private jet owners ensure that they are in perfect condition. Flight crew annually confirms its qualifications. For 12 years, our aircraft have not made a single forced landing, let alone experienced more serious incidents.

AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) in numbers

  • We have been active 2007.
  • We have representative offices in 117 countries.
  • We speak 34 languages.
  • We have a database of 150 thousand aircraft.
  • We work in 6 regions of the world.
  • The leader of business flights in 2017.
  • In touch 24 hours a day.
  • We cooperate with 719 airports worldwide.

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