VIP planes at your convenience

Those who often fly private planes know that they have different equipment inside. Modest options are similar to the usual business class, whereas the standard ones boast additional amenities: comfortable sofas, plasma displays, wide tables, wet rooms, etc. But even in this sector there are VIP models, which are used by top state officials or high-flying businessmen.

The cost of such planes is measured not only in tens of millions, but often in hundreds of millions of dollars. Precious metals and stones, original paintings of great artists or sculptures of well-known artists are used to decorate the interior. They are individual jets, therefore they are decked out according to the buyer’s individual request and correspond to his or her individual notion of comfort.

Don’t have the means to buy a luxury plane like this? You can charter it at any time by contacting the AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) international business aviation centre. We have VIP models at our disposal that are suitable for special occasions or other important events.

When might you happen to need a VIP jet?

VIP-planes are a real luxury and chartering them is expensive; only very wealthy people can afford it. Usually, a chic jet might be needed to fly to a major important event, such as:

– weddings,

– anniversaries,

– film festivals,

– summits, and so on.

These types of events see stars, celebrities, prominent public figures and other people of high status gather together.

In those situations, chartering a VIP plane is not only appropriate but necessary. It emphasizes the high status of the customer, allowing guests to feel really comfortable on board and enjoy the flight.

If you need to order a VIP model jet , please contact AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). All you need to do is to make a request on this website or contact the manager at a convenient time. A turnkey flight will be arranged for you, taking into account all your demands. You’ll have access to:

  • limousines,
  • dinner at the restaurant,
  • exclusive drinks,
  • entertainment and live music,
  • a specially-decorated cabin interior,
  • the perfect environment.

What kind of planes do we offer?

  1. AVIAV TM has several dozens of VIP models: you are sure to find something you’ll like . The ‘simple’ option includes cozy sofas for guests, a wide screen, interiors crafted by famous designers, a shower room, and a living room with round table, ideal for a celebration.
  2. As VIP planes are often ordered for wedding travel, it is not difficult to find options with a bedroom on board, wardrobes, and all the amenities that a young couple needs. The spacious bathroom sometimes includes a magnificent jacuzzi, which is suitable for bathing together.
  3. Finally, the most luxurious models resemble palaces in terms of what they have on offer. They are available upon request and sometimes require a careful search, as their owners – top government officials or celebrities – are not in a hurry to charter airliners.

The exclusive version may include a swimming pool, sauna, music hall with a piano, a conference room, a large dining room, a wine collection, a library, a living room, an art gallery, a Turkish bath and other amenities… Such planes are suitable for significant large-scale events, to which distinguished guests accustomed to chic and luxury are invited. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will help you find the right model and agree upon the equipment.

Chartering the plane is the first step in the celebration. Cofrance SARL specialists organize a turnkey flight, knowing the tall orders of high-status customers. We provide bodyguards, a comfortable transfer to the jet, making sure that each guest gets the most out of the trip.

The menu and entertainment are agreed upon separately. It will be possible to invite pop stars, famous performers, musicians or other guests onto the flight – at the request of the client. The cabin is decorated according to the theme of the celebration. Strict compliance with confidentiality is a guarantee.

VIP plane charter is a service for perfectionists. We will make the flight unforgettably beautiful, and you will have a truly pleasurable experience.