Transporting animals to shows by air

Exhibiting pure breed animals at shows is an important duty for any owner. Only shows offer an opportunity to receive a high expert assessment, earn well-deserved awards, find a decent breeding partner, and meet owners of elite species.

However, transporting an animal to another city or country is a real problem, since air carriers are reluctant to allow pets into the cabin, even if it is a cat or a dog.  The cargo compartment and a cage are unsuitable alternatives for premium species for the following reasons:

  1. The animal can get frightened in a dark and stuffy compartment;
  2. The pet will be distressed when separated with its owner, unaware that it is not for long;
  3. Owing to discomfort, it can develop a raised body temperature or other health problems even cardiac rupture;
  4. In distress, the animal will start beating and rubbing against the cage walls thus damaging its external appearance irreparably;
  5. After prolonged stress, the pet will forget commands or will obey slowly and reluctantly;
  6. The animal gets no water or food and hence suffers.

Besides cats and dogs, there are shows for other domestic animals, including:

  • Magnificent horses;
  • Purebred pigs;
  • Rare goats;
  • Unique cows;
  • Various rodent species;
  • Exotic pets like venomous snakes or precious spiders.

Even carrying an insect in a glass container will raise a great number of questions with the air company and require numerous certificates and permissions to be issued. And what if you need a flight for a hot-tempered Arab horse?

Reasons to opt for a private aircraft

Professionals recommend chartering a private aircraft in these cases. This is the only way for an animal to be transported to a show in a prompt and comfortable manner without altering its luxurious external appearance or temperament.

Private aircraft can be chartered to transport animals escorted by their owners through international business aviation centre AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). Its employees are backed by ten years of experience with these kinds of flights and can offer you turnkey travel. Their skills include:

  • Issuing documents for animals: a passport, a veterinary certificate, an export permit, etc.;
  • Issuing documents for accompanying passengers: visas, health insurance;
  • Chartering an aircraft conforming to the required format;
  • Ensuring ideal conditions for this breed with due account for the individual particular features of your pet;
  • Services of a required accompanying professional – a groomer, a veterinary physician, or a pet sitter;
  • Prompt and comfortable transfer from the airport by car;
  • Assistance in the search for comfortable accommodation abroad;
  • Organization of catering, walks, and leisure.

The destination of flights is unlimited. Cofrance SARL can provide a flight for a requested itinerary even if it is not scheduled by regular air carriers. The only requirement is an airport located at the points of departure and destination.

A cargo aircraft with ideal conditions onboard can be chartered for carrying large animals. A horse or a cow will be in a comfortable and spacious compartment, where it can lie down, walk around a little, take food, sleep or be in contact with the accompanying passenger It will be given meticulous care during the flight, and the owner can also stay nearby, if desired.

Advantages of chartering a private jet for the transportation of small animals

  1. The pet isn’t separated from its owner and feels safe.
  2. The owner isn’t worried about his/her pet.
  3. There is the possibility of refreshing the main commands.
  4. Styling services are allowed in flight: a groomer or a zoo stylist (bathing, drying, haircutting, hairstyling).
  5. Accompanying by a handler is encouraged; the animal doesn’t part with the handler, which is a beneficial arrangement for both.
  6. Required food can be ordered in a private aircraft both for the owner and the pet.
  7. The animal doesn’t need a cage or a container, unless it is preferred by the owner.
  8. A jet offers comfortable conditions for all passengers enabling them to relax, have a rest, get some sleep, play for a while, and enjoy the flight.
  9. It isn’t a problem to take onboard any accessories necessary for the animal that might raise questions on an ordinary flight.
  10. If the animal needs some clothing for the show, it can be placed on a hanger in the wardrobe without a single crease.
  11. The same applies to the owner’s and the handler’s clothing.
  12. A good atmosphere and glamorous appearance after the flight are guaranteed.

To order a private aircraft to take you to a show just leave a request on this website. International business aviation centre AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will assist in chartering an aircraft tailored to the wishes of all travelers. We have representative offices in 117 countries and direct numbers for our customers to contact us and receive prompt support from anywhere around the globe.

A show is a responsible event requiring thorough preparation. The owner and his/her pet should not be anxious. The pet should not be distressed and should look as presentable as possible.

You will travel in comfort and confidence on a trip by organized by AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), helping you to dazzle in competitions and earn well-deserved awards.