Emergency cargo delivery by private plane

There are many situations in which emergency delivery is required. The transportation of

  • drugs and medical devices,
  • donor organs,
  • urgent documents,
  • humanitarian aid,
  • spare parts for vital equipment,
  • human remains,
  • perishable goods,
  • flowers, gifts
  • and other emergency items

can be quickly carried out only by plane.

Emergency delivery is associated with several difficulties. It is necessary to:

  • find a decent airline,
  • promptly provide cargo documents,
  • carefully and properly pack items
  • immediately take them to the airport
  • carry out unloading and loading as quickly as possible,
  • timely inform the recipient.

It is impossible to cope with these tasks independently; when standard logistics companies are contacted to organize these kinds of flights, it takes between one and several days to arrange everything.

It is inconvenient to wait for so long, so the best option is to charter a private plane from independent international aviation center AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). Personal flights are organized much faster than usual: jets are ready to go three hours after booking. As for helicopters, they take off immediately.

Why choosing AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL)?

  • The International Business Aviation Center has at its disposal a fleet made up of more than 1500 aircraft.
  • Flight routes are not limited.
  • Company specialists have been responsible for organizing the air transportation of even the rarest goods; they are aware of the all the specifics of the task.
  • Experienced lawyers promptly and correctly draw up the necessary documents.
  • Immediately after placing the order, a car is sent to the customer to pick up the cargo.
  • Employees know the packaging and transportation features of delicate items, such as donor tissues and organs, blood, immunobiological groups of drugs, etc.
  • The required temperature, humidity and pressure will be maintained in the cargo hold or cabin.
  • Restrictions on the weight and quantity of goods transported are excluded.
  • AVIAV TM takes care of all stages of delivery: the goods arrive within a few hours and are handed over to the recipient.

What you need to know about emergency delivery of goods?

  1. Any emergency shipment of goods is subject to checks and is associated with several difficulties, which depend on the nature of the shipment.
  2. It is necessary to know the specifics of the legislation on the transportation of this cargo type, which will be explained by a Cofrance SARL lawyer. Each country has its own specific regulations.
  3. A license is necessary for medicines, humanitarian aid, electronic devices and other cargo types.
  4. Each cargo type is packed in a container provided for this purpose, where the individual temperature conditions are controlled and maximum protection against moisture or pollution are provided.
  5. In some situations, specialist support is required: during transportation of organs, precious metals and stones, museum exhibits, narcotic drugs, weapons, etc.
  6. Transportation of biological materials is carried out in a sealed package, while containers are arranged so they are not subject to vibration.
  7. For transportation of donor organs, a familiar artificial environment is created, which allows them to function as normal.
  8. If necessary, it is easy to insure a large amount of cargo with AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL).
  9. Non-flying weather even applies to emergency delivery: in some situations, this problem is solved by a helicopter or a car that promptly transports cargo to another city for departure; in other cases, you must wait until the weather calms down.

In many cases, emergency delivery is vital. Here, prompt assistance is required, and lives often hang in the balance; in these situations, price does not matter. Chartering an aircraft is expensive, but this is the only way to send cargo as quickly as possible.

Often, such delivery is carried out by helicopter if the distance to be flown is 1000 kilometers or less, often within the same country. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) has many different types of aircraft. We have offices in 117 countries and are able to arrange flights at a distance. Routes are chosen by clients. Just ask for help by phone; we will jump into action!