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Best seller among small Airbus 318 aircraft

The Airbus A318 is the shortest among all single-aisle aircraft family, the Airbus A320, which serves not heavily loaded routes, with a length of 6 000 km. In the development of the aircraft was known as Airbus A319 M3, which shows its origin from the model. From A319 the new model has shortened by 2.39 m fuselage. From Airbus A320 decrease in the length of А318 amounted to as much as 6 meters.

Series Airbus A320 models А318, A319, A320 and A321. Airbus А318 has a modification А318 Elite, which caters for the Charter flights or does VIP transportation at distances up to 400 km. 7 This model takes on Board total 14-18 passengers. But the cabin configuration Airbus A318 for economy and business classes can carry at a time 107 passengers. Selling Airbus 318 for airlines will enable the latter to efficiently and economically provide service routes with low density of passengers or corporate Charter flights.

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Modern technologies of aviation presented in the aviation electronics Board Airbus A318, and in the passenger compartment. The wing created on the latest project, was the first visible expression of innovation in the Airbus 318, but in practice there is a smooth lift of the aircraft through the use of ultralight materials for interior and fuselage. The consequence of reduced weight was the reduction of fuel consumption and maneuverability of the aircraft, and hence increased safety and comfort of flights in adverse weather conditions.
The power plant in Airbus A318 presents the legendary Pratt&WhitneyPW6000 with the thrust 10,0-10,8 TS each. In the case of specifications of the model engines CFMI CFM56-5B/P, each thrust turbofan is reduced to 9,8-10,6 TS, respectively.

Despite the narrow fuselage, the width of the cabin of the Airbus A318 is 3.7 m. If we abandon the seats of business-class, one-class Airbus A318 obtained 132 locations for those who refuse increased comfort for the sake of speed of flight for a distance of 2 750 to 6000 km depending on the load. A maximum cruising speed of 890 km/h at an altitude of 900 m. in 11 Small aircraft suitable for Charter and operation of commercial and private airports which provide the necessary for takeoff runway length 1 360 m.

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The cockpit in the Airbus A318 was very similar to other models in this series, but distinguished by the model using the new system is a digital remote control. Airlines will be beneficial to offer the sale of aircraft of this model, if they are going to serve flights of short and medium range.

Length 31.44 m
Wingspan 34.11 m
Height 12.60 m
The size of the cabin:
Height 7.4 m
Width 3.7 m
Length 31.44 m
Passengers 107-132
Range 5750 km
Maximum speed 827 km/h
The ceiling 11 900 m
Valutazione 1 828 m


The company ICCJET offers to sell aircraft AIRBUS A318:

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Type: Commercial Passenger Jet
Manufacturer: AIRBUS
Year: on request
Serial number: on request
Registration number: on request
Price: on request

Number of passengers:

Engines: CFM56-5B8/P / CFM56-5B9/P / PW6122A / PW6124A

Maximum takeoff weight: 68 t
The maximum weight of the aircraft without fuel: 54,5 T. the Maximum weight of fuel: 24 210 liters.
Maximum landing weight: 57,5 t