Private flight for people with disabilities

Given sufficient financial means, disabled people and their relatives might prefer to charter a private aircraft for travel. When might you need it?

  • For ordinary travel to another city;
  • For travel to a sea or mountain resort;
  • For tourist or pilgrim travel;
  • For medical treatment in another city;
  • For rehabilitation in a prestigious medical centre;
  • For an emergency airlift if health deteriorates

Whatever the reason, a private aircraft can be chartered conveniently through international aviation centre AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), which specializes, inter alia, in the air transportation of disabled persons.

To charter an aircraft, just leave a request on this website or contact our manager at your convenience and provide us with the following information:

  • Itinerary;
  • Departure dates of the round trip;
  • Diagnosis and condition of the disabled person;
  • Approximate weight and dimensions of the luggage;
  • Any requirement for a specialized medical aircraft;
  • Number of accompanying persons.

AVIAV TM customers liaise with a personal flight manager to organize all travel from the beginning to the end of the trip, tackle all relevant issues, and be at your disposal 24/7 to assist you.

Why is it difficult to travel on an ordinary flight?

All air carriers take disabled persons on board; however, such passengers are not provided with an appropriate level of comfort:

  • The traveler is uncomfortable on a narrow seat and is restrained by stuffy and narrow conditions;
  • Wheelchairs cannot move inside the cabin;
  • There are problems visiting the lavatory;
  • Special food or medications that a disabled person is accustomed to may be unavailable onboard;
  • The psychological discomfort of being viewed by curious onlookers;
  • Disabled persons have to be first and the last when boarding and leaving the plane;
  • Travel is fraught with difficulties;
  • Travel of bedridden patients on an ordinary flight can be life-threatening;
  • Guide dogs are not allowed in the cabin;
  • The transport of guide dogs in the luggage compartment is often problematic.

These are just some of the difficulties well known to disabled persons and their relatives. Sometimes these problems become a reason for cancelling the travel. This can be prevented by chartering an individual flight through AVIAV TM and flying in a comfortable environment accompanied by a doctor and relatives.

Reasons to opt for a private aircraft

  1. Employees of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) are well aware of the difficulties encountered by disabled persons on flights and take care of each minute detail of the trip.
  2. The passenger selects the cabin equipment at his/her discretion. It can be a spacious jet, in which the disabled person can remain in the wheelchair, or a comfortable plane with cozy lie-flat seats, or a specialized ambulance airplane with intensive care equipment.
  3. An ambulance airplane is preferable for customers in a serious condition or bed-ridden patients. Such flights are necessarily accompanied by a doctor who is always ready to provide required assistance. A medical team has all the necessary aids at its disposal, including wheelchairs, stretchers, chairs, etc. If desired, a doctor can easily be invited to attend an ordinary private flight to monitor the traveler’s conditions.
  4. The relevant food and medication can be ordered onboard.
  5. If necessary, hygienic procedures can be easily carried out in the cabin: just order a jet with a shower or a bathroom.
  6. Cofrance SARL provides convenient transfers to/from the airport by a spacious car or an intensive care unit, if the patient’s condition warrants it.
  7. Company lawyers take charge of issuing all documents: visas, health insurance, customs declarations.
  8. If necessary, our professional employees can make an agreement with a relevant clinic to obtain medical equipment and organize accommodation at the chosen destination in a hotel or private house.
  9. Customers benefit from the services of our staff who help maintain an optimistic spirit and tackle any questions that arise in a prompt manner.
  10. Guide dogs are allowed in the cabin without restrictions, and AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will make sure that all the required documents are properly issued.

AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) assumes responsibility for all stages of your travel.

Disabled persons should not feel any stress or anxiety on flights. If you feel like traveling, don’t deny yourself this pleasure: just make sure that you fly in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. All the more so if the patient’s condition requires treatment or rehabilitation.

AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) will assist you in organizing a private flight with due account for all details of the passenger’s health and will take care of all accompanying passengers. Your travel will be joyful, and you will arrive at your destination in high spirits.