Transporting exhibits to exhibitions by air

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without exhibitions. Such events serve as a means of:

  • business development
  • attracting new customers
  • education
  • demonstrating achievements
  • and other purposes.

Exhibitions often need relocating when products of the company, new technologies or works of art are sent to another city or country for showcasing. Thus, events are divided into the following categories:

  • regional
  • national
  • international.

There are many types of exhibitions, the most common comprising the following categories:

  • goods and services
  • educational institutions
  • works of art
  • museum exhibits
  • scientific and technological achievements
  • new crops and agricultural products
  • modern technologies
  • animals
  • national culture
  • fashionable clothes
  • historical artifacts
  • jewelry, etc.

Exhibitions allow people to:

  • learn about new goods and services
  • get useful information
  • talk to professionals on topics of interest
  • find business partners
  • get acquainted with works of art and culture.

Chartering a private jet

Nowadays, it is not difficult to transport exhibits to another city or country: you can apply to the international aviation centre AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), one of whose activities is the transportation of historical artifacts. A private jet is the fastest and most reliable way to send paintings, instruments or goods to the right place without worrying about their safety.

If you are interested in the air transportation of exhibits, please leave a request on this website or contact AVIAV TM manager at the phone number indicated in the contacts section. Select your country and region number, discuss the specifics of  transportation and get a quote from a specialist.

For a quick response, please tell us:

  • the route
  • the dates of the round-trip flights
  • the content type
  • the approximate weight
  • the dimensions and value.

We work with all the above types of exhibitions, and in each specific case we provide the necessary specialists who know how to handle this type of exhibits.

Особенности перевозки музейных экспонатов

  1. The staff of Cofrance SARL is well aware that a historical masterpiece can cost more than an airplane, so only professionals who are aware of their responsibility work with paintings, sculptures and archaeological finds. Loss or damage to such cargo can be an irreparable loss for humanity as a whole, if we are talking about the originals of great artists and sculptors, museum assets and cultural heritage sites of the country.
  2. Cofrance SARL will provide restorers who are used to working with this type of items. They will determine the optimal temperature for each item and its packaging. All works of art are transported in special containers, inside which the correct temperature, humidity and pressure levels are maintained. This package has reinforced strength and is not subject to external influences: it does not sink in water and does not burn in fire. Therefore, even in case of natural disasters or catastrophes, the masterpiece will not be lost.
  3. In the cabin and inside the car or truck that deliver masterpieces to the airport, the works are in a stationary position. This helps to avoid the shaking that is inevitable on the road and sometimes occurs in the air due to turbulence zones. Special constructions are used for placement, which are often created individually for a specific order. The absence of vibration guarantees the absolute safety of cargos.
  1. Modern works of art are often multi-faceted, complex designs that require even greater attention to packaging. It is created by engineers-technologists for each exhibit separately, taking into account its characteristics and features. Sometimes, professional expertise is required to determine which container is best suited for each exhibit. Specialists of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) can help you with these tasks. In many cases, it will be possible to use special packaging and thus save money on its production.
  2. Special attention should be paid to the preparation of documents. The export of historical assets from a country requires careful preparation. This process will be undertaken by Cofrance SARL’s lawyers, who will help you to obtain permits from the right authorities, certificates of authenticity, status certificates, transport cards and other necessary documents.
  3. AVIAV TM is responsible for all stages of transportation. In addition to the flight, we also provide transfer to and from the airport, gentle loading and unloading, and, if requested by the customer, we place the works on the stand. Specially designed vehicles are used for this purpose, the construction of which minimizes shaking. The customer is given the opportunity to control every aspect of online delivery, which allows him or her to keep calm and be reassured at the integrity of the cargo.
  4. In some cases, our experts recommend not transporting assets. When it comes to thousands of years of archaeological finds made of clay or other fragile materials, the risk of damage is high, even in the most careful transport. The final decision is made by the customer himself, who may take responsibility.

Insurance and safety

Another important point is the safety of the masterpieces during transportation. In most cases, the exhibits are accompanied by armed guards on a door-to-door basis. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) provides experienced specialists who guarantee the safety of shipments.

Notwithstanding the above measures, the majority of owners and organizations seek to insure the goods being transported. They are easy to understand because the value of a single picture can be measured in the region of tens of millions of dollars, so the value of an entire collection will cost billions.

Not all insurance companies are allowed to take on such expensive operations. Cofrance SARL will advise a reliable insurer which has the appropriate permits from the state, and the lawyers of the company will help you to conclude an individual contract that provides for the most likely risks.

Shipment of other products

Works of art are just one type of a shipment. Such events are in demand in various fields, such as business, science and technology, and trade. AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) organizes the delivery of all types of goods: electronic devices, technical innovations, scientific achievements, laboratory plants and animals, jewelry, rare goods, clothing collections, and other exhibits.

In each case, shipments are handled by specially hired professionals who know how to handle this type of product and carefully comply with all the requirements of the developers. Cofrance SARL organizes all stages of delivery and takes care of the ideal safety of cargo. We have more than 100,000 aircraft at our disposal, and we will choose the option that is right for your product.

With AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL), the transportation of valuable goods is a simple task. Sending exhibits to exhibitions is our forté: we will help you expand your opportunities, be more successful and gain recognition.