{:tr}Embraer Legacy 600. 2008 Embraer Legacy 600 – iş uçak


Satış 2008 Embraer Legacy 600

Embraer Legacy 600 – iş-jet c, yüksek konfor seviyesi hava seyahat. Embraer Legacy 600 – düşük işletme maliyeti uçağın.


Şirket İCCJET birçok satılık yeni ve preowned uçak Embraer Legacy 600:

Teknik özellikleri

Türü: İş jeti
Üretici: EMBRAER
Seri numarası: on request gibi olanaklar sunar
Kayıt numarası: on request gibi olanaklar sunar
Yayın yılı: 2008

on request gibi olanaklar sunar – OFF MARKET

Saat plak: 1000
Devir: TBA
Sayısı: koltuklu: 13
Motor modeli: AE3007A1E Üretici: Rolls-Royce
Engine Total Time: TBA


Type: APS 500R
Serial Number: SP-E0714906
Üretici: H. Sundstrand
Time Since New: 1845 Hours
Next Major Check: On Condition


ECS – Environmental Control System
Flight Data recorder – Honeywell
Cockpit Voice Recorder – SSCVR – Honeywell
RCZ – Integrated Communication Unit
RMU – Radio Management Unit
AV-850 DAP – Digital Audio Panel
Stall Protection Computer -Goodrich Sensor System
EİCAS – Engine İndication and Crew Alerting System – Honeywell
Air Data System – ADC – AZ850
RNZ – İntegraed Navigation Unit
RT-951 – TCAS 2000 Computer
FMS – Flight Management System -Honeywell
Weather Radar – RTA WU-880
Windshear and Escape Guidance System – Mark V Warning Unit
EGPWS – Mark V Computer – Honeywell
Entegre Standby Instrument System – Thales Avionics
VHS Communication System Third
HF-COM – Honeywell
Long range/ RNAV Navigation System
Emergency Locator Transmitter – Satori – ELT97A
Glide Slope Receiver
Altitude Alerter – Honeywell
COM 1-2 and NAV 1-2 Management System – Honeywell
İnertial Reference Unit
Airborne auxiliary power


One main galley/bar that includes a coffee maker, micro-wave oven, thermal oven and hot cup.
A forward L/H coat closet and entertainment cabinet.
Fwd cabin and mid cabin: club 4 seats with console tables.
Aft cabin club 2 seats with a console table and a 3 places divan.
Vanity and toilet lavatories, with sink, soap dispenser, shelves and mirror.
DVD player
Airshow 4000 Entertainment System
Personal monitors


Last major check: September 2011
Next major check: September 2012
Maintenance station: Embraer Exectutive Jet Service


This is an interior of the best quality. Great care has been taken in selecting and matching finishes and colors to highlight the ınterior.

Soft forms have also been used to increase the feeling of comfort and warmness produced by the mix of beige colors of seats and cushions and the wood.

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